Double Your Projects Chance of Success ...

Whether you're a CFO, Department Head, Certified Project Manager, or the new person in charge - when your career is on the line ... you'll want the step-by-step information revealed in this Solution Training.

Industry stats say 8 out of 10 projects FAIL!

Don't let this happen to your projects!

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July 17th

2 PM EST / 11 AM PST

The 4 Question Success Template and Training includes

These Solutions and an Immediate Action Plan

You Can Start Using Today:

Aligning Goals and Expectations:

  • Aligning project Outcomes with key organization Goals.
  • Getting agreement on how to measure success.
  • Breaking up a strategy and strategic plan into manageable parts.

Building Consensus with Speed:

  • How to quickly scope the MVP (Minimum Viable Project) so you can start fast.
  • How to eliminate unproductive group meetings ... and get more done faster.
  • How to eliminate "Scope Creep" once and for all.

Reducing Risk:

  • Finding the "gotchas" before they get you.
  • How to minimize risk of failure, before you've invested a fortune in time and money.
  • How to identify your top Risk factors and Risk mitigators on day 1.

Dealing with Stakeholders:

  • Getting everyone on the same page, at the same time, right from the beginning.
  • Using Political savvy to navigate all the stakeholder interests.
  • Getting them involved and dealing with their egos without pulling your hair out.

Engaging Your Team:

  • Eliminating “analysis paralysis" by engineers or other technical experts.
  • How to get your team engaged in productive planning that quickly produces results.
  • How to ask the right questions to make sure we are leveraging their expertise.

A Note To My Fellow Professionals...

Terry Schmidt


I believe that project managers and teams are the unsung and hidden heroes that drive 95% of the positive changes we're having in the world.


But in the last 5 years I’ve noticed a huge problem for organizations and an even bigger problem for professionals like you and I.


The failure rate of projects is 70% and higher, with a huge waste of time and money, and damage to personal reputations and careers.


My life work is to create and teach simple systems that produce predictably successful projects. I've spent the last ten years perfecting a system that I guarantee will make you and your team more effective.


I invite you to invest an hour with me in learning fresh techniques that will transform how you get results.  

Enroll now for 60 Minute Step-by-Step

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July 17th

2 PM EST / 11 AM PST

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